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No Changes to Agency Workers Regulations

AgencyII.jpgThe UK Government has decided against making any changes to the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 before they come into force in October 2011.

The Regulations will provide employment agency workers with a right to equal treatment - in relation to comparable permanent employees - over basic employment conditions after 12 weeks in a given job. They implement the EU Temporary Agency Workers Directive 2008/104/EC.The new Coalition Government has been reviewing the Regulations and was thought likely to amend them with a view to reducing the burden they place on business.

However, in a written statement on October 19, 2010, employment relations minister Edward Davey announced that the Government would instead use the next 12 months to develop the "best possible guidance to help employers comply with their new obligations". This is despite "considerable sympathy" for the various arguments against the new rules.

This entry was written by Richard Lister.

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Regulations on Equal Treatment for Agency Workers Finalised

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010, implementing the EC Temporary Agency Workers Directive (2008/104/EC) have been put before the UK Parliament, although they will not come into force until October 2011.  The Regulations provide all employment agency workers with a right to equal treatment in basic working and employment conditions with their directly employed counterparts after 12 weeks in a given job.

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Sanctions Against Employers of Illegally Staying Third Country Nationals and the Joint and Several Liability of the Principal in a Subcontracting Situation

On 30 June 2009, Directive 2009/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 concerning "sanctions and measures against employers of illegally staying third-country nationals" (the so-called "Sanction Directive") was publicized.

The Directive sets some minimum rules for actions and sanctions against employers of illegal immigrants in order to counter, in general, illegal immigration within the Member States.

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UK Implementation of EU Temporary Agency Workers Directive Delayed

The Government has announced that regulations implementing the European Temporary Agency Workers Directive (2008/104/EC) will not come into force until October 2011.

Earlier this year, the Government carried out an initial consultation on how to implement the Directive, which requires that temporary agency workers be given equal treatment with permanent workers as regards basic working conditions such as pay, working hours and holidays.  In the UK, the equal treatment rule will only apply after an agency worker has been in the same job for at least 12 weeks.

A second consultation document has now been published which sets out further details about the way in which the Government intends to proceed and contains a set of draft regulations on which comments are invited.

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