Part-time workers

New UK Coalition Government - Prospects for Employment Law

UK Parliament II.jpgThe outcome of the UK's general election on May 6 was a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government headed by the Conservative Party leader David Cameron (prime minister) and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg (deputy prime minister).

Coalitions are unusual in the UK - the last one being during the Second World War - so there is a real sense of the country entering uncharted political waters. It is too soon to be certain what the new administration's priorities will be in terms of potential employment reforms. However, a few clues can be gleaned from the Coalition's programme for government, outlined below.

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Interruption Benefits - Eligibility Conditions Modified

In the Belgian Official Gazette of this 1 March, a Royal Decree was published that modifies the conditions that must be met in order to receive interruption benefits in case of time credit.

A first modification concerns the employees who suspend their work entirely or who switch to half-time employment in the framework of the general time credit regime. In order to be entitled to interruption benefits, these employees must from now on have a seniority of at least two years with their employer and this at the moment they notify in writing their intention to take time credit. 

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Severance Pay in the Event of Part-Time Parental Leave

An employee with an employment contract that is dismissed during the period of part-time parental leave is entitled to a severance pay calculated on the basis of the full-time employment. This is what the European Court of Justice judged in a decision dated 22 October 2009. The Court was responding to a prejudicial question posed by the Supreme Court.

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